Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

A couple nights ago, I was heading home from work in midtown a little before 11:00, and on my way I kept passing groups of people who had just come from the theatres. You could tell they had just seen a performance, because they were giving off that energy that you can only get from live theatre. I had to squeeze past the stage door of the August Wilson Theatre, because a couple of the cast members of Jersey Boys had just emerged, and the sidewalk was clogged with their adoring fans. Seeing that made me feel all fuzzy about Broadway -- and I don't even want to see Jersey Boys!

Anyway, Happy New Year's Eve! I know what I'll be doing tonight. (Watching on TV, that is. And yes, it is a little silly not to be there in person, when I live so close... but I can't go to every Audra performance. And I'm grateful to be able to see it at all. Growing up in my hometown, I used to read about programming like this, and then discover that my local PBS affiliate was showing The Lawrence Welk Show instead.) See you in 2007.

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