Saturday, January 27, 2007

...everybody look busy!

Last night the boyfriend and I tripped on down to the Village to see Your Secret Admirer, because we're just that kind of fun, young NYC couple. The set was very enjoyable -- they have a great sound to go with their great band name and great posters -- and Elvis Costello fans, which is probably most or all of you, should definitely check them out. The best part was, they played at 8:30, so we had our fun night out and still made it home for Law & Order at 10!

Today's subway entertainment: a middle-aged black woman with a heavy Caribbean accent singing spirituals, or maybe just one long spiritual, with not much talent but lots of passion. "Jesus is coming," she insisted. "Jesus is coming, Jesus is coming." The performance lasted most of the ride, and I started to wonder if she was making it up as she went along, until one of my fellow passengers started to sing along. Anyway, I'd still prefer a quiet car, but at least this woman's heart seemed to be in the right place (I cannot vouch for her mind). She didn't want to intimidate or assault anybody; she didn't even want money; she just wanted to save our souls. As we approached 96th St. she stopped singing and started preaching, and she was getting a bit emphatic toward the end there, paying special attention to the car's few African American passengers (who, to be fair, kind of asked for it by singing along with the refrain of her song). I escaped without incident. Maybe I looked saved already.

Her performance reminded me of the time Borat sang the national anthem of Kazakhstan at a Georgia minor-league baseball game, and so I looked that up on YouTube for your amusement. Don't say I never gave you anything!

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