Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My exciting life

Did you watch the Golden Globes? I was at work, copy-editing into the wee hours, and so I heard a lot about the Globes, but didn't get to watch myself. Actually, that's not true; I saw a lot of the broadcast, which was playing all evening on many TV sets around the office, but I couldn't hear anything. So I am left with many questions: Was Sacha Baron Cohen funny? Was Helen Mirren gracious? Did Eddie Murphy encourage viewers to rush out and see his other current film?* Can it be possible that Ugly Betty is anywhere near as good a show as The Office? I wait for YouTube to answer these questions for me. (Except for the one about Ugly Betty, because I have to assume the answer is No.)

Updates will be light today and tomorrow, because today I am working on an actual, paying assignment (about which all you musical theatre geeks should be exciteddetails to follow). And then I'll be hitting the sack as early as possible, because tomorrow morning my mom and I are attending a taping of Good Morning America (it's her Christmas present). I haven't seen GMA in years, probably since the era of Joan Lunden and Charlie Gibson, so I'm not really sure what to expect, but I do know that we are expected to report to the studio very, very early tomorrow morning. I may decide not to go to sleep at all. In fact, we have been encouraged to bring "clever signs," so I may stay up all night crafting something that is sure to get me on camera. What should it say? Should it be some sort of phrase that spells out the network's call letters, like the ones I see people holding at sporting events? I am open to suggestions. (Extra points if your suggestion spells "ABC" or "GMA.")

I learned only this week that Mom and I will be lucky enough to see a live performance by... The Wiggles! Gosh, it's a good thing we didn't have tickets for today, when we would have been forced to sit through a performance by Diana Ross instead. Way to randomly pick a date, Mollie.

*A few days ago I passed a bus-stop poster for this movie, and for some reason my eyes misread the star's name as "Donna Murphy." So I amused myself for several blocks imagining a comedy that would star Donna Murphy opposite Eddie Murphy. It would have something for everyone!

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