Saturday, January 20, 2007

Today's subway sighting

The great Dana Ivey! I feel like I've seen her onstage many many times, although now that I think about it, the list isn't that long: The Rivals, A Day in the Death of Joe Egg, and recordings of Sunday in the Park with George. (Her second-act appearance makes the double-casting gimmick totally worthwhile.) For a while I was convinced I had seen her in The Last Night of Ballyhoo, but it turned out I just imagined it (I saw both of her replacements). On the other hand, I have seen more of her film and TV appearances than I realized, and if the same is true for you then I expect you'll agree that she was by far the best thing about Addams Family Values.

Anyway, there we were, both standing at opposite ends of the car, and I had to wonder: how do you not give Dana Ivey your seat? Even if you didn't recognize herand I realize that she falls into the category of "famous to me"doesn't she look like someone you'd give up your seat for? Not because she's old, understand, but because she's regal. And she looks a little like she might scold you for your bad manners if you don't show some respect.

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