Monday, February 19, 2007

I bet she loves it when people ask her about The Goonies

For a while there, it seemed like a full 50 percent of the plays I saw featured Martha Plimpton. (And the other half featured John Dossett.) From Atlantic Theater Company's Hobson's Choice to Classic Stage Company's The False Servant to Manhattan Theatre Company's Shining City -- hell, I even saw Sixteen Wounded! (I know, I know -- try not to be too jealous.) And when I wasn't seeing her onstage, I was usually home watching her Emmy-nominated appearance on SVU -- you may remember her as the junkie who was found with a baby's finger in a baggie in her purse. (You heard me.) That was one of the few episodes in which Fin Tutuola is the lead detective on the case; presumably they thought her excess talent might rub off on scene partner Ice T, or at least make him seem like a decent actor (in the sense that a rising tide lifts all boats), and they were kind of right. And so I ask you: What New York actor works harder, or more frequently, or in more different dialects and historical periods, than Martha Plimpton?

Anyway, I bring this up because I saw Ms. Plimpton herself on the street yesterday. This has happened before -- I think she lives in my neighborhood -- but it always takes me by surprise. It's kind of like running into your teacher at the mall, or seeing your pastor in a shoe store. You know they have a life outside the classroom/pulpit, but it's still disconcerting to see them actually going about their business. I wanted to say, Martha, I know it's Sunday -- and a holiday weekend -- but surely there's a play somewhere you could be starring in.


Anonymous said...

She's in Tom Stoppard's "The Coast of Utopia" trilogy at Lincoln Center.

Mollie said...

I know! (And I regret to say I have not seen even a third of it.) But trilogy or no trilogy, she wasn't at Lincoln Center on Sunday afternoon, and I found that startling.