Thursday, February 22, 2007

Life moves pretty fast...

Seen yesterday on 57th Street: Matthew Broderick! He was on his cellphone when he passed me, which is how I could be sure it was the real deal, and not just some guy who looks like MB, behind those sunglasses -- I could hear his singularly dweeby voice.

I actually had a Broderick sighting once before, when I was on a high school drama club trip to NYC. My friend Nathan and I spotted him in a deli in the theatre district, and I'm afraid we stared rather obviously. We walked by his table on the way out, and -- I swear -- we waved. Like he was an old friend or something. We felt it would almost be rude not to. I still cringe when I think of it, but MB has probably gotten over it by now. And, in a twist of fate, I was the one getting stares on the street yesterday, because of my ashes. A woman in the office where I am working this week asked another person, "Is today some holiday where people get the thing on their foreheads?" Next year I think I'll carry around some informational literature.

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Anonymous said...

I once saw Matthew Broderick in a French bistro in the Village. The bistro had a magazine shelf that ran along the walls so that patrons could read while enjoying their crepes, and -- unfortunately I didn't witness which happened first, the magazine being placed on the shelf or Matthew Broderick sitting down -- but MB was seated directly under a mag that had his picture on the cover. The ENTIRE bistro had to have been talking about it, whispering and pointing at the poor guy, and finally someone came up to him, took the magazine down, waved it in his face and said "it's you!! Look! There YOU are!!"

So, yeah. I'm pretty sure he forgot about you waving at him.