Friday, June 29, 2007

Nothing to say but what a day

Sorry so quiet! I've been working 12-hour days this week, copy-editing. You know those fashion magazines that put out Bible-sized issues once or twice a year? Well, think of me, slaving away, when you see the fall issues on the stands. Anyway, all this hard work is good for my bank account, but bad for my blog. And when I can grab a minute, I'm working on wedding stuff: we're almost at the 6-month mark, which means the big day is just around the corner. Not in the real world where the rest of you live, of course; just in the bizarro world of wedding planning. Tonight the Hampton Jitney will whisk me out of Manhattan for a much-needed escape and a weekend with the family, and I can't wait. But you all will have to.

In other news: 2 more "Rosa Vilchez" bags today, from the deli downstairs!

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