Monday, July 23, 2007

Happy birthday, it's your present

Many happy returns to my fiance, who celebrates his birthday on this very rainy day! So blogging will be light, because I have celebrating to do. (I think we're going out to hear some jazz tonight, so we'll see whether I can say anything intelligent about that tomorrow.)

I would like to say a word about the recently announced Emmy nominations, which you can find here. (You could also start at the Emmys' official website and spend a good portion of your morning looking for the list of nominees yourself, if navigating poor web design is something you enjoy.) And that word is: hooray! Minnie Driver's brilliance on The Riches has been recognized! I shouldn't be surprised, because she is so seriously awesome in that role, and if they could find room to nominate Mariska Hargitay again (for a season of SVU that even I found too painful to watch), they can certainly afford to nominate Minnie Driver. But usually the Emmys need a couple of years to catch up (e.g., no other nominations for The Riches), so I am very pleased they got with the program so quickly in this case. Speaking of which, other performers whose brilliance was finally recognized: Jenna Fischer, Rainn Wilson. Now where's the Emmy for Supernanny Jo?


Marla said...

And, alas, no Emmy for Lauren Graham for KILLING (in a good way) TV's hardest-to-deliver dialogue (with maybe the exception of any medical drama), thereby leaving the nickname of the new Emmy voting process — The Lauren Graham Rule — bogus.

(sighs forlornly)

Seriously, she's so great. It would be nice if Emmy voters could remove the Julia Louis-Dreyfus–shaped pole from their whozits long enough to recognize this.

But yay, Jenna Fischer! And I'm happy for Minnie Driver because it made Mollie happy.

Mollie said...

I had to Google "Lauren Graham Rule" to see what you were talking about. I finally found the answer in this article about last year's Emmys, and I apologize for the hideous dangling participle contained in this excerpt:

"The new rules added a step to the nomination process in which a panel of top judges selected the five nominees in each category after voting members had whittled the categories down to 10 or 15 nominees.

Dubbed "The Lauren Graham Rule" and meant to recognize those who usually go unnoticed, Lauren Graham from "Gilmore Girls" was not even nominated."

Sorry it hasn't worked in favor of your fave, Marla! This is why I usually pay no attention to the Emmys. But hey, even the blind squirrel gets the nut once in a while.