Friday, July 20, 2007

In praise of creative pronoun use

I just finished reading Patricia Marx's new novel, Him Her Him Again The End of Him, and as long as we're discussing titles around here, I felt I had to mention it. I love this title. Every time I look at the book's cover, I want to read the title out loud. Speaking of which, I also love the cover design, with its elegant italics in exactly the right places... My (advance reader's) copy doesn't credit the designer, but lucky for you, this website does! (It also misuses "nonplussed," but what else is new.) Yes, it's difficult to remember, which is probably a drawback from a marketing point of view, but in terms of the material, that diffidence is entirely appropriate -- and once you've read the book the title is suddenly easy to recall. In fact, one of the best reasons to read the book is to feel the title taking shape, turning from apparent word salad into something approaching coherence. The novel itself has a similar trick of withholding details (names, dates, circumstances) but creating a vivid picture out of the holes.

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