Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Last chance blues

Holiday weekend theatregoers, take note: you have till July 29 to catch Grey Gardens which I recommend), and till July 8 to see Inherit the Wind (which I don't).

If you're one of those Restricted Viewers who confessed to a weakness for Chess, you might want to plan to be in East Hollywood September 17 for the BC/EFA benefit concert performance. Matthew Morrison singing "One Night in Bangkok" -- who wouldn't pay good money to see that?

In the meantime, does anybody else want to go with me to see Les Miz, now that Chip Zien is playing Thenardier? Chip is one "celebrity" I always thought I'd spot and never did -- my sister lived in the same apartment building as him for several years, right around the time I was nursing my Into the Woods obsession, and I always thought we'd have a lobby encounter, but no such luck. Anyway, as you can see, he turned in an entertaining set of answers to Playbill.com's "Cue & A" questionnaire. ("Who would play you in the movie?" "Probably someone who was upset about not having a better film career.")

And finally, somebody call Hilton Als: Audra McDonald is back on TV! I predict big things for this little lady -- gosh, maybe even the movies!

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