Monday, August 20, 2007

How Rude(y)

The fiance and I spent a refreshing weekend at a retreat house, participating in a marriage-prep program, and now I'm easing slowly back into the cyberworld. I made it through the August 20 issue of the New Yorker during the train ride up and back -- just in time for the next issue to land in my mailbox -- and aside from the article I mentioned on Friday, this issue is notable for Peter J. Boyer's lengthy profile of Rudy Giuliani. It contains many little anecdotes to support my long-held suspicion that Giuliani is, more or less, a snake, but this one was my favorite:
When controversial police shootings stirred racial unrest, [Giuliani] seemed reflexively eager to leap to the defense of the cops. After an unarmed black security guard, Patrick Dorismond, was shot and killed by undercover narcotics officers, in March of 2000, Giuliani sanctioned the release of Dorismond’s juvenile arrest record and suggested that Dorismond wasn’t “an altar boy.” (Dorismond actually had been an altar boy, and had attended Giuliani’s old high school, Bishop Loughlin.)
Perhaps in the future we should amend the expression to: "He wasn't a Caucasian altar boy!" Just to be clear.

Tomorrow I am planning my first trip to Broadway, and to the theatre, in much too long! I'll let you know how that turns out.

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