Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Medical update

I almost forgot to tell you: My Monday-afternoon X-rays and blood tests say I'm doing fine. (Actually, the word the doctor used was "beautiful.") Hooray!

The fiance and I went straight from the hospital to Scranton, to taste-test our reception menu (delicious) and meet with the new asst. pastor at the parish where the wedding will be. I stayed an extra day to spend lots of money in a craft store -- I could spend all day in the scrapbooking-supply section, and I nearly did. Our invitations will be cute. But now I'm heading back to Manhattan (on the bus, ugh), so regularly-scheduled blogging should resume tomorrow!


Ed said...


Marla said...

Wonderful news! The very best kind of news, really. Cheers to you!

Anonymous said...

Woooot! I'll refrain from sending you a card from the kids section at Hallmark this time, and let my (belated, whoops) comment serve as congrats. (Well done on the new toaster, too! I just caught up on the three most recent entries... goodness, there's always so much going on here!)