Monday, October 15, 2007

Private Practice recap: episode 3

Having trouble coping with Monday? Flash back to Wednesday with a brand-new recap!
In his office, Cooper examines Erin, taking care not to get her blotchy blue body paint on his ear thermometer. "Was she exposed to any water from a well or spring?" he asks. Mom says no. Cooper kneads his face in despair. "How about antibiotics?" Again, no. In the corner, the three other little girls, huddled in the armchair and clutching their dolls, put their heads together and whisper. "Quiet for Mommy. The doctor's thinking," says the woman, who apparently is the mother of all these little girls? All these very close-in-age, non-identical little girls? Are they quadruplets? Two sets of twins? Do they multiply when Mom's not looking? I don't know, but something about them creeps me out. Even the non-blue ones.
Will Cooper save the spooky little girls? Read the whole thing over at TWoP.

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