Monday, November 19, 2007

Our team will never fail

Yeah, um, about that.

This wasn't the year for me to learn about football, as it turned out. The fiance tried to clue me in: "That's bad, because Harvard gets another first down." "That's bad, because now Harvard gets the ball very close to their end zone." "That's bad, because Yale is already down 30 points, and Harvard's about to get another touchdown." You get the idea. I had the opportunity to learn a lot about how not to play football. And even I know it's bad when a Yale player goes for a crucial interception...and then drops the ball directly into the hands of a Harvard player who is lying on his back. Sigh. On top of that, there was a sloppy, boring presentation in honor of people who gave money to renovate the Bowl that should have been done before the game started, and instead took up ten minutes of halftime, so the band's show got cut off. I just wanted to see what "ELI YALE" looks like from the stands! I just wanted to hear "Ashtar"! Is that too much to ask?!
I'm from KBB!
But this is why I said it's not about the football. I was really excited to be back at the Bowl, surrounded by the sights and sounds of my Bright College Years. It was a very Ghost-of-Christmas-Past experience, seeing familiar faces, and seeing unfamiliar faces doing familiar things. Puh's family put on a splendid tailgate spread, which was a very nice upgrade from the gameday eating I experienced in college ("Here's a box of cheese slices, some mayonnaise packets, and an apple. Go sit on the ground and eat them with your dirty hands"). I got to hug some people I hadn't seen in years, and I got to sway and sing "BCY" (the band always wins, as they say), and I got to show off the fiance. So I'm glad I went. And I'm really glad I didn't place a bet on the game, because... I would have lost.


the saddest vegetarian said...

Ouch. At least you got a cute picture out of it!

JLG said...

Yeah, argh. Punts are actually intended to move the ball the other way. I didn't know they cut off the band show with another lame ceremony. Double argh.

But you and the fiancé are vast oceans of adorable, and that's all that counts.

Amy Wilson said...

I'm guessing you didn't do the Saybrook Strip?

Mollie said...

It is a sad truth that I have never been a part of the Saybrook Strip, because I always sat with the band at football games. In fact, I never even got to watch it happen until this year, and the sight of all those intrepid Saybrugians holding their shoes aloft during the last minute of the third quarter filled my heart with college pride. (I kept my clothes on, though. It was cold.)