Saturday, January 5, 2008

Let's hope it's a good one

Happy New Year! I didn't expect to make my first 2008 post so late, but you can probably imagine what I've been doing with my time. The bad news is, blogging will be slow for a while yet. The good news is, the day when I actually will shut up about my wedding -- or at least refer to it less often -- is drawing nigh! One week left!

Most of these last days of single life have been taken up with wedding-related tasks and errands. Last week was all about making sure the appropriate parties received their final instructions. Now I'm focusing on details. I just finished making our escort cards (which are different from place cards, in that...Oh, never mind, it's boring anyway, be glad you don't know). And this morning I dropped off our wedding program design at the printer. I managed to put together our invitations and inserts using nothing more sophisticated than Microsoft Word, but it was so much trouble I might as well have learned a whole new program. So for the rest of our wedding-day stationery I decided to step it up. I downloaded an open-source design program called Scribus as a Christmas gift to myself, and we've had our little struggles, but I think my patience paid off. People often remark that wedding planning is frustrating because just when you get good at it, you never have to do it again. (I think this is how professional wedding planners are born.) So it's nice to know I've picked up at least one skill that may serve me well going forward (the same goes for the ability to fox-trot, however tentatively).

No matter how well everything falls into place, I still seem to end each day at a very high stress level, and this is where quality television programming comes in handy. The writers' strike is inconvenient, but Supernanny and Wife Swap returned this week, hurrah! I've also renewed my addiction to the Style Network program Clean House, and could discuss its strengths and weaknesses at great length if I had the time. Instead I will just say that I find even the weakest episode of Clean House more entertaining than the Lincoln Center production of Sarah Ruhl's play The Clean House. (Lincoln Center did not have Niecy Nash, for one thing.) And by the way, the weakest episode of Clean House is definitely the one that was on at 9 this morning -- the one where they clean the "Alpha Epsilon Phi Fraternity House." Oh, boo hoo, the frat brothers have a messy frat house! How can college students live that way? Someone save them from themselves!

Anyway. The candid-reality genre is good for keeping me company when I'm working on a project, but for helping me unwind and forget all my worries, nothing beats a really good comedy. I miss The Office, but the fiance and I have recently discovered Extras, and I am well and truly obsessed. My one complaint is that we tuned in to the series, and set our DVR to catch all airings, just before the finale aired, and now HBO shows the finale constantly on all of its many cable outlets. So we spend our days deleting multiple recordings of the movie-length finale from our cache. Still, it's worth it to catch every episode, and that last one was pretty terrific.

The fiance and I are also very taken with the HBO series Flight of the Conchords, and we're both excited that it's back up on HBO On Demand. Last time around we got through only the first four episodes before they took it away. If you are also in withdrawal from your favorite network comedy fix, I direct your attention to these fine programs, knowing I am probably far from the first person to do so. It can take me a while to catch on, especially if something is on HBO, because we never had it when I was growing up, and I can't get used to having it now. I still hear "HBO" and think "channel we don't get." Perhaps this is why I spend so much time watching Clean House.

It's time for me to get back to my to-do list -- lots left to cross off there. I promise to post at least once more before the big day! In the meantime, consider attending one of the upcoming (free!) performances of Mother Load, if you haven't yet had the pleasure. And while I'm recommending things everyone else linked to months ago: have you seen Geoffrey Chaucer's blog? It's guaranteed to make you giggle like mad, if you can finish this couplet: The hooly blisful martir for to seke / That hem hath holpen... Visit now to read Chaucer's pitch ideas for network television! I would totally watch Sectes in the Borough. Wouldn't you?

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