Thursday, January 10, 2008

They're finally getting ma-a-a-ried now!

You've been hearing about it for months -- it's made me a dull blogger and, lately, a stressed-out and cranky companion. But it's finally here! The wedding weekend is upon us! All our planning is done. Travel plans are made, hotel rooms are booked, the weather's looking perfect; there's nothing left to do but celebrate. Hooray!

When I was little, this was my idea of a great wedding.

Whenever my grandmother babysat for me and my sister, my mom would usually let us rent a movie, and at least a third of the time we chose The Muppets Take Manhattan (with dialogue in English, unlike the clip above). The movie shaped me in many ways -- it colors my experience of Manhattan to this day, and I always got a little teary during this climactic scene, where Kermit and Miss Piggy get married (but not really...or do they?). This is a wedding I'd like to attend. I thrill to the "Somebody's Getting Married" prelude. I love that Miss Piggy wears her signature elbow-length purple gloves with her wedding gown. I dig the way the bride and groom enter together -- talk about a modern couple! I really enjoy the sweet Jeff Moss song, and the sudden sincerity of their affection -- has Miss Piggy ever had a more vulnerable moment? But what I really, really love, what really moves me about this scene, is the cast-of-thousands congregation, Muppets everywhere you look, filling the pews and sniffling as the bride and groom enter. Characters from The Muppet Show. Beloved friends from Sesame Street. Characters created just for this movie, like Kermit's advertising agency coworkers. Muppets from all stages of my life and Kermit's, gathered in one place, voicing their support for the new couple. When the music swells for the final chorus, and the camera pulls back to take in the whole "church," and you can see Big Bird swaying in the back row? It kills me, every time.

In a way, this is still my idea of a great wedding. This is what I'm most looking forward to this weekend -- what all this planning and stressing and waiting has been for. Standing next to my own Kermit and looking out at the church, the parish where I grew up, filled with people who are important to us, who've known us for years, at all the different stages of our lives, and who are there to support us as we begin this new adventure. I don't expect Big Bird to show up, but I still think the view from the altar will be pretty awesome. And then? We'll party.

To those of you attending: We'll see you in Scranton! To the rest of you: Send happy vibes my way this Saturday, and I'll see you here when we return from our Caribbean honeymoon!


Marla said...

That scene kills me every time, too. I got choked up reading what you wrote about it. And then there was the whole being-happy-for-you part. Congratulations and enjoy, Mollie. All of us in the office wish you and your Kermit the greatest of wedding weekends, the greatest of honeymoons, and the greatest kind of life together.


Susan Rose, CSJP said...


John said...

Wow. Yes. Same reaction, here, to that key change part, with all the Muppets in the world all together singing their love for Kermit and Piggy--twenty-five years later it still makes me cry.