Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lipstick Jungle recap: episode 3

Are you still watching this show? I won't make you tell me, but regardless of your answer you should check out my latest Television Without Pity recap.
Maddie spots Abby Garcia and seems excited to be seated at the same table, but before she and Wendy can reach the table, they're stopped by a woman who introduces herself as "Eva! Garcia! Abby's mom?" Eva is played by the fabulous Florencia Lozano (whom soap fans might recognize from Llanview), and I'm going to tell you right now that she's my favorite part of this episode. You can tell right away that Eva is one of those people who pronounce any vaguely "ethnic" word (in this case, that includes "Eva," "Garcia" and even "Abby") with an exaggerated accent. ...They get to their table, where Eva barks at Abby to stop eating bread. Then she introduces Abby to Wendy: "You remember Wendy Healy, Parador Pictures?" -- only she says "Parador" like it's the name of a Chilean town and she's Alex Trebek. (It's awesome.)

Did I enjoy anything else in episode 3? Read the recap to find out!

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