Monday, February 11, 2008

What the eye arranges

Pursuing domestic duties kept me from blogging much last week. But I did manage to finish moving out of my old apartment, and to cook a couple of delicious dinners in my new home! Heretofore my most ambitious meal-prep was spaghetti with sauce, so I'm feeling very proud of myself. Risotto? No sweat.

Now that things are settling down I plan to return to a more regular blogging schedule. On this very cold day, I'm taking advantage of a new meme, Odd Shots -- brought to my attention by my bloggy friend Susan -- to post a honeymoon photo. I call it "Two-Headed Donkey."

Pushmi-PullyuThe island of St. John is home to lots of interesting wildlife, including many wild donkeys. This small herd liked to hang out on the resort where we spent our week. They're an interesting sight because they're so uniform -- all the same size, all the same color -- and because they mostly just stood very still in formations like this one, facing in different directions. It looked to me like they were spelling something out, marching-band style, to be read from above. This particular illusion took us by surprise as we were walking back to our room one day. Maybe the husband could have gotten an even better shot if he'd tried a different angle, but I was always nervous about spending too much time gawking at the donkeys. They didn't seem to like it, and the way they slowly raised their heads and regarded us with cold eyes gave me the jibblies. I didn't want to piss them off. Still, I guess this pose proves they had a sense of humor.


Katney said...

Shades of Dr. Doolittle! Welcome aboard.

Paulie said...

Looks like they wee guarding their territory, no matter which direction you might have walked! Glad you joined the meme also. Come see mine.

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

great photo

Jonna said...

That is an odd shot, and that is great!