Thursday, May 1, 2008

Law & Order weecap: chung-chung!

I'm tired this morning, because I filled in to write the TWoP weecap of last night's Law & Order: Original Flavor. A weecap is like a recap, but with a quicker turnaround and thus less opportunity for me to think of clever things to say. But I did my best!
Bernard tells Anita that Bradley's alibi checks out with the fire department, the arguing couple across the alley, and the neighbors who heard him drilling in his studio. (You know, I miss the days when we got to see that part of the investigation.) And the gunshot residue on Sophia's glove indicates that she "suicided after all." Anita leaves, but Lupo is still stuck on "the fact that she bought cupcakes right before she suicided." And I'm stuck on the continued use of "suicide" as a verb. We'll have less of that, if you don't mind. So Lupes thinks they should check out one of the free Systemotics seminars for new parents, just to see if there's anything to this dead-baby angle. Bernard wants to follow boring old procedure -- isn't that just like a former rat-squadder? -- but we all know Lupo don't play that.
How's the new guy working out? What real-life self-help cult was "Systemotics" definitely not patterned on? Which Broadway star did us proud in his guest-starring role? Read the weecap to find out!

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