Thursday, June 12, 2008

My greatest service to humanity

It's happening again! The search for the four-letter, three-vowel "Shakespearean troublemaker" is leading record numbers of Googlers to Restricted View. I wonder, is it the same syndicated puzzle, appearing anew in places from Potomac, MD, to North Liberty, IA, to McCordsville, IN, to Chillicothe, MO, to Apopka, FL, to Dodge City, KS, to Grapevine, TX, to Cebu City, Philippines? Or did another puzzle reuse the clue?

I welcome my new crossword-puzzle-doing readers. I'm glad I (or at least my commenters) could help you fill in those stubborn boxes. And once again I pose the question to you all: is it cheating to Google a crossword clue? Levi says yes. What say you?


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Debi said...

Iago is a Shakespearean troublemaker/villan