Monday, June 16, 2008

Tonys Without Pity

Last night was actually a bit of a disappointment, from a would-be snarky recapper's perspective... because from a theatre-lover's perspective, this year's Tony telecast was pretty satisfying! The winners weren't all my personal choices, but none were undeserving, either. And some of the numbers actually looked and sounded pretty good! Still, I did my best to cover the event with a jaundiced eye for TWoP:
8:04: Why, it's host Whoopi Goldberg, wearing an inappropriate costume! Once so unexpected, and now so comfortingly familiar! Much like Julie Taymor's staging of The Lion King!
Check out my recap of the evening's highlights and lowlights at Television Without Pity. And let me know what you thought about everything, either in the TWoP forums or here in the comments!


maurinsky said...

I just finished reading your recap, and clicked the link to your blog.

I agree, overall, with your assessment, except I'm a Sondheim fanatic so "Move On" got me all choked up.

I totally do not get Passing Strange - that song was great when Breaker was singing, but when Stew got started, it was 5 minutes of the same shit over and over again. Boooring.

Mollie said...

Oh, I'm a Sondheim fanatic too -- I tried to play it cool for TWoP purposes, but I do love "Move On," and Daniel Evans's enormous grin while singing same.

I haven't gotten to write about Passing Strange yet -- I just saw it on Friday night. I really didn't expect to like it myself, and now I can only say it works much, much better live than you'd ever expect it to based on any plot summary or advertising you might see. I totally agree with you about the number we saw last night. I loved it when I was at the show, but I thought it was a bad choice for the Tonys. It didn't give any clue what the show is about, or how it works, and it certainly didn't make much of a case for the quality of the songwriting!

Dinah said...

I'm not as big a theatre fan as I would like to be, but I loved your recap.

Anonymous said...

Loved your recap. Loved the Carol Channing moment as well. I have to say, Hugh Jackman is still my favorite host, but last night was mostly a really good night. I loved that there wasn't a forgone conclusion to every category like some years. Other than August: Osage County and Patti LuPone, it was more wide open.

I love the Steppenwolf theater - Yeah for them. Also, Tracy Letts sneering criticism of the state of Broadway had me holding my stomach I was laughing so hard. Of course, I read TWOP religiously, so I like snarky.

Glad to hear Passing Strange works better in person, because I did not want to see it after last night.

floretbroccoli said...

Nice job. I was hoping, though, that you were going to explain Lily Tomlin's Marisa Tomei joke.

Oh, well. I didn't understand it either, and I saw Top Girls.

Mollie said...

Thanks folks!

Re: Marisa Tomei, the only thing I can figure is maybe she kind of strutted when she entered to do her presentation? I'm not intrigued enough to go back to the tape and find out. I loved what she was wearing, though. Lily Tomlin, too.

Anonymous said...

Actually, as a "Rocky Horror" fan, when I think "Danny Zuko" I do think "Barry Bostwick."

Great recap!