Thursday, July 24, 2008

Exciting blog news

Chaucer's blog has been updated -- and rebranded!
This is nowe a blog that ys dedicated to bringing yow the hottest and moost up to date content about the worldes of entertaynment, political societee, hangings, filmes, culture, quarterings, and defense of the noble realme of Engelonde. Prepare to be virtuallye beaten ovir the head and neck by the sheere force of the hot and up to date content ye shall see on this blog. Ther shal be verye funnye thinges. The thinges ye shall see shal be so funnye they shall maken yow to “laughen out loude” (LOL).
It's the first time I've seen any action there since I added Chaucer to my Bloglines feed, and to quote Thomas Favent, "Ich am so totallie ypsyched."

Do you have a favorite RSS feed? I know a few of you have added me to yours, and I thank you humbly. Knowing you're not checking every morning to see whether I've updated makes me feel better when I fail to update. I only just caught on to the RSS thing recently, and my word, but it's a wonderful thing. It makes my procrastination time so much more productive! If you haven't figured it out yet (Mom), remind me to set one up for you. You won't regret it!


Anonymous said...

For me and all those other technically challenged moms out there, please do!
Love, Mom

Amy said...

yes please leave instructions here for me, I am a dinosaur also. Amy

Mollie said...

Well, okay, but I'm just going to end up sounding dumb, because I really barely understand it myself. I don't think you need instructions as much as a nudge in the right direction -- once you decide which "reader" you want to use to track your blogs, setting it up is pretty self-explanatory. In case the term itself is new to you: you have one page/tool that keeps track of all the blogs you like to read, and it alerts you when any of them are updated. Very handy.

I like Bloglines, because I can log in from home, work, wherever. You might prefer to use whatever blog reader is built into your homepage: I think Yahoo has one; I know MSN has one (if you're a Hotmail person); and there's always Google Reader. Once you've set up an account -- or, if you're using Safari on a Mac, set the preferences appropriately (I'm not sure what menu it's under, but I know there's an option where you can tell it what reader you want to use) -- you just go to the blog you want to keep track of and click on the RSS button, which usually appears in the far right corner of the navigation bar. Totally worth figuring out; you'll save a lot of time checking non-updated blogs!