Monday, December 28, 2009

Eustace Tilley's revenge?

I felt better after getting all my New Yorker-related gripes off my chest Saturday. When I came home tonight to find a brand-new issue waiting for me -- dated January 4, 2010 (!) -- I was ready to start fresh. But... I think there's something wrong with my New Yorker, you guys.

At first I thought this spread was supposed to look like this. Innovative design choice, I said to myself.

But the next spread was half blank too.

I saw this and felt a pang of insecurity... is this a test of some kind? Am I failing?

But no, I'm pretty sure they didn't intentionally blank out half of Tad Friend's article. The first page of "Shouts & Murmurs" is missing, too (which will spare me from trying to solve the "quiz," always a frustrating exercise, because the New Yorker refuses to modify its layout to make the "quiz" format functional).

On the plus side, I won't have to decide whether I'm in the mood to read the latest piece by Adam Gopnik! (That left column is supposed to have text in it, and several other pages are blanked out. How long was this article, anyway?)

The good news: no pages missing from the Uwem Akpan story. Guess I'll start there.

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Amy Wilson said...

um, if they're trying to get you to keep buying the print version, not such a good move to remind you therein of one of print's more obvious shortcomings.