Wednesday, March 17, 2010

And all that noise

Just looking at this picture makes my ears hurt.

Speaking of which: have you seen ads for the Roundabout's upcoming Sondheim on Sondheim season-padder? I live a block away from the theatre where it will be playing through June, and I still can't quite be bothered to put it on my calendar. New arrangements of Sondheim tunes, performed by...Vanessa Williams and Tom Wopat! You know what, I will pass! Thanks though!

I know, Barbara Cook. But still. Does this lack of enthusiasm mean my Sondheim geekitude has totally deserted me? Nope; my inner 14-year-old enjoyed the NYT slide show from "the birthday concert" way too much. (I mean, this! Now that I would pay for.)

UPDATE: I saw Sondheim on Sondheim after all.

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floretbroccoli said...

I did manage to get to the Sondheim birthday do with the NY Phil. Heaven!

The one coming up at City Center next month though, way too expensive for me.

I wonder if it was like choosing up teams, deciding who would be at which celebration. "I get Barbara Cook." "Then *I* get Elaine Stritch."