Thursday, June 21, 2007

Make them hear you

Nothing adds excitement to a new Broadway season like a new Tony Award! Two awards, actually, split as usual between plays and musicals. Of course, seeing as they fall in the unglamorous category of "creative" awards, the new Sound Design honors will have next to no impact on the Tonys telecast. But still, a victory for the profession, even if it does come too late for this year's should-have-been-contenders, Gregory Clarke (Journey's End) and Brian Ronan (Spring Awakening). I just hope they really mean it this year. I'd hate to break the sound designers' hearts with a repeat of last year's cruel Tony Administration Committee games: "We've decided to honor replacement cast members... Psyche!"

In other mildly-amusing Tony-related news, someone recently visited Restricted View from Italy, and took advantage of Google's offer to translate my writing into Italian! And you thought I couldn't get any more lyrical. The result is so much fun, you might want to consider reading this blog exclusively in semi-accurate Italian from now on. I particularly loved this rendering of paragraph 21 of my Tonys recap:
Dopo, Marvin Hamlisch, jeans ancora non da portare, introduce il montage dell'anno nei Musicals. Chi non ha memoires affettuosi del Grinch che ha rubato Natale? Il silenzio scomodo greets le clip dei tempi che sono A-Changin'.
ETA: I see it gets even better when you run that paragraph through the translator again.

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