Friday, October 26, 2007

Home thoughts from abroad

I kind of wish I were in Scranton right now, celebrating The Office, instead of working in an office. This morning the big convention kicked off with Al Roker and Today broadcasting from the University of Scranton (or, as it's known in Scranton, the U). I forgot to watch while I was getting dressed, and I haven't been able to find any footage of the broadcast online (NBC's website was totally unhelpful), but I did enjoy the scene-setting videos from the Scranton Times-Tribune's website. Seeing all those supporting-castmembers on the scene, some of them in Scranton garb, actually made me tear up a little. I want to be there cheering for Phyllis, too! I guess I'll just keep watching the very beginning of that second video over and over -- the familiar way Maria pronounces "Roker" and "Office" and "dot com" soothes my homesickness. That's one authentic detail the show will never incorporate. You need the real Scranton for that.

Update! NBC's official Office site also has a couple videos from the cast members' time in the Electric City (plus an exhilarating performance by the SHS Advanced Chorus). They're entertaining, but they've also frozen my browser multiple times, so proceed with caution. Meanwhile, the Times-Tribune has a great photo gallery as part of its extensive convention coverage.

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