Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My clever friend

Back in high school, I devoted many hours and many long Saturdays to the pursuit of speech-and-debate greatness. By my side for most of that time was my good friend Stephen, who competed with me (and routinely bested me) in the category of Original Oratory (specifically, "Persuasive Speaking"). Steve was an Original Orator to be reckoned with. In his free time, he kicked ass in Humorous Interp. And he made it all look easy. And the very best thing about all of Steve's many successes, in speech and debate and everything else he pursued, was that they very literally could not have happened to a nicer guy.

I mention all this because Stephen is now a playwright to be reckoned with, and his latest comedy is called Speech & Debate. It's being produced by Roundabout Theatre Company as the inaugural production in their new Roundabout Underground series. In speech and debate jargon, you might say Steve has broken to finals. And I can't wait to watch the round!

Previews start this weekend, and the show runs through December 16. And tickets are only $20! Go buy yours now!

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