Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Private Practice recap: episode 1

New recap is up, just in time to get you excited for tomorrow's show!
...Pete chooses this moment to ask Addison whether her moving to L.A. had anything to do with his kissing her. She denies this, of course, but his smugness is not reduced. “You should know it was just a kiss.” Addison’s all, Are we really having this conversation? “It was a good kiss,” Pete recalls. “It was an excellent kiss.” Addison feels that this assumption is “deranged,” and she tells him so. I say, Uh, guys: woman in labor, in case you forgot. And I think, Someone should probably tell Naomi that if she really wanted to run a clinic where “every patient gets our full attention,” it may have been a mistake to staff it with the most self-absorbed group of doctors south of Seattle.
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Fellow Yalie said...

Great recap, Mollie! I haven't watched Private Practice, but I'm so glad you're writing for TwoP.