Sunday, November 4, 2007

Private Practice recap: episode 6

What happened on the Halloween episode of Private Practice? Well, not Halloween, unfortunately. But lots of other stuff.
Naomi sits down and says, "Angie's here." Then we cut to a shot of Naomi from the back as a completely different voice, obviously added in postproduction, says, "She finally responded to our phone messages," very quickly, to fit it in before we cut back to Naomi's face. I guess they decided at the last minute that Angie's returning on her own was just too implausible. Unlike the other, much more plausible elements of this story. (Let this be a lesson to you, show: there is no substitute for Audra McDonald's voice.)
Read the rest at TWoP, won't you?

Sorry it's so quiet around here -- we're a little snowed under at wedding central. Invitation madness. Save yourself!

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