Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas shopping dispatch

Today is an out-and-about kind of day: as my Nana would say, I am a regular Mary Go-the-Road. So I'm just checking in to offer a scene from my morning of errands. I was standing in line at the Gap, just trying to buy some underwear, and the man in front of me (who was in the process of paying for his items) suddenly fainted. The woman standing next to him -- who I took to be his companion, although she may have simply been browsing nearby -- bent over him, trying to revive him, and the cashier spoke some kind of code into her walkie-talkie, and I...walked away and got in line at another register. I felt sort of coldhearted just walking away like that, but I'm pretty sure it was the most helpful thing I could have done. I'd have stayed to help if I were a doctor! And if it had been a sudden copyediting emergency, I'd have been all over it, I swear. But I figured standing there gaping (and waiting for someone to ring up my undies) was probably not going to help.

Maybe this fellow was overwhelmed by the enormous posters of John Krasinski just inside the door of said Gap store? Normally I am kind of annoyed by their "celebrities wearing our clothes" campaign -- not sure why, although the ubiquitous posters of John Mayer displaying his pasty, undefined upper arm probably have a lot to do with it. But in this case I heartily approve.


the saddest vegetarian said...

Amen, sister. The more John Krasinski in our lives, the better. For all of us. Especially me.

Amy Wilson said...

Me gusta John Krasinski! He's too young for me though. *snif*