Thursday, December 6, 2007

Shuffle off to (eat some) buffalo

Until I have time to write a real post, I would like you to entertain yourselves by watching this remarkable video. I'm sending you over to YouTube to view it because it's kind of long, and I feel like I should. (I found it via Dooce.) Family members take note: anyone who watches nature shows and/or real-life-drama shows like Animal Precinct and Rescue 911 -- you know who you are -- will enjoy this, but it may be too intense for 5 year olds, even 5-year-old "animal experts."

Speaking of fights, there was a new Private Practice on last night, and boy was it dumb! I'm pretty sure viewers are expected to put their brains to bed before tuning in, but unfortunately I don't have that luxury. Still, it's fascinating to watch the excellent cast working tirelessly to make a silk purse of entertainment from the sow's ear of a script they have to work with. Anyway, the recaplet is up, and the recap is in the works -- one more thing to keep me from blogging.

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