Monday, December 10, 2007

Private Practice recap: episode 9

The latest recap is up today (although TWoP has been buggy lately, so try again later if it won't load).
Addison finds Geoffrey in the lobby, waiting for Cathleen, who's taking another look at "the sperm-donor book." (I keep mine right under the Derm Atlas on my coffee table.) Addy wants to know why Geoff is so determined to get his wife pregnant. "I promised her a happy life," he says. "Sometimes you have to get over yourself in order to do that." Addison looks baffled: What is this "getting over yourself" of which he speaks? It sounds inconvenient. Geoff adds that Cathleen was adopted, and he thinks she should get a chance to have what he has (meaning blood relatives). "It's only fair that she gets to have one person in life that looks like her." I'm beginning to realize why Oceanside has a psychiatrist on staff. Violet may not be busy right now, but just wait till all the babies conceived here for dubious reasons and/or born here to unstable parents start coming in for counseling. She's got a home-grown patient base!
This could be the last episode for a long time, unless there's progress in the SAG strike. That's just as well, really -- I have plenty to worry about -- but I'm not sure this was a great note to end on.

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