Monday, March 10, 2008

Lipstick Jungle recap: episode 5

Who else suffered through this week's episode? Relive the magic with me, won't you?
Tonight we find the girls (and Shane) at a jazz club, although the establishing shot puts them at "Sushiden Restaurant" (which, by the way, has a pretty hilarious website). It sounds like they've managed to find the only place in New York where you can still hear lite rock-jazz fusion played live. Normally -- barring time-travel -- you'd have to go to the fitting rooms of a low-end department store, or be put on hold by your doctor's office, to hear this sort of crap. Although I wouldn't have pegged Wendy and friends as smooth-jazz enthusiasts, they seem really into the music. Of course, they also seem to have been drinking since noon, so that probably explains their enthusiasm.
But how bad was Shane's music, really? Read the recap and find out!

Also, theatre fans take note: the best part of this episode was definitely Kerry Butler (now starring in Xanadu), who was hilarious as Victory's backstabbing assistant, Reese. Less exciting was Charles Busch's guest appearance, which turned out to be more of a cameo, and an oddly edited one at that. Did you see the part where his original line was completely overdubbed? I'd love to know the full story there...

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