Monday, July 21, 2008

Maybe the party's back on!

Consumer update! Today I got a message on my voice mail from, no kidding, the director of customer service for the until-recently apple of my eye, Fresh Direct! She very nicely apologized for my bad delivery experience, and for my subsequent correspondence with her team, which was brought to her attention. She didn't say how it was brought to her attention, but I suspect it may have something to do with the multiple visits my blog has had from "Fresh Direct Inc." in the past several hours. One more reason to love the internet!

Of course, Fresh Direct was always one of my top-five reasons for loving the internet, so I am very excited about the potential for repairing this relationship. I'd like to stick to my jilted-consumer guns, in theory, but seriously: Have I mentioned how much I hate grocery shopping in Manhattan? Baby, you know I'll always take you back.

ETA: My love and I got back together in the end.


Tabbi said...

Hi! Funny read about FreshDirect. I was wondering how you found out that it was Fresh Direct visiting your site. Is there a tracker that can tell you exactly who's visiting (or did you see their IP address and do a whois)?

Mollie said...

I have a (free) tracker from -- it's not always so precise, but in some cases (usually for companies and schools) it tells me where the visit originated. I guess it's the name of the server? (I'm already in over my head with the internet-y stuff.)

Tabbi said...

ha -- good enough. thanks. i hope you're getting good grocery service these days!