Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Yet another website where you can find me

Even my most dedicated fans (aka my "parents") might not know that I serve on the shadowy editorial staff of The Big Jewel -- the masthead was only recently updated, and I haven't contributed any of my own material to the site in quite a while. But the long wait is over! I have a new piece up today, entitled "Whole Foods, Half Truths" and inspired by the completely hilarious online adventures of a certain real-life supermarket CEO.

I owe credit to the fiance for tipping me off to this news story (and for having a WSJ account with which I could read it). Incidentally, this is my second Big Jewel piece to be inspired by real-life corporate fraud. The last one came about after I read an item in The Financial Times, which publication was delivered to my apartment for a three-week period during my first year in New York. It seems the actual subscriber and I had similar addresses -- my "River Rd." was on Roosevelt Island, and his was in the southern part of Manhattan Island. Our zip codes were different, and I called the FT subscription line at least twice to point this out, because I felt guilty, even though it's not like I set out to steal the guy's paper. They sorted things out eventually (or, at least, stopped sending the paper to me), but in the meantime I read it, because I have to read something while I'm eating my breakfast. So I guess the lesson here is that I should read financial newspapers more often. You just never know what will trigger your creative impulses.

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