Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Not a complaint (for a change)

I had a positive customer-service experience this week (I know!), so I wanted to tell you about it, even though stories about getting screwed are so much more entertaining. I needed a new battery for my laptop, because after several years, the original one was only lasting about 35 minutes. And that interferes with my plans to leave the house once in a while and still get some writing done. So I did a little Googling and discovered that a replacement from Dell would cost me way too much, but I could get a refurbished one much cheaper from Yes, I know, that's a pretty sketchy URL. And I'm using "sketchy" the way we did when I was in college -- do the kids still talk like that? "Shady," essentially. Like, I might as well give my credit card number to Identity Theft Incorporated. Or But this place seemed legit, and I found some good reviews elsewhere. And, look, all these people came to their birthday party, and they look like they know a good deal when they see one, right? So I went ahead and bought my battery. It arrived a few days later, and once it was fully charged it told me I had some five hours of battery life. That's more like it!

Except that it still died after no more than 45 minutes. The only difference between the new battery and the old one was that the new one was more confident. It had delusions of grandeur.

So of course I was all grumbly, thinking I'd been ripped off, and I should have trusted my too-good-to-be-true instincts. I contacted them through their online form, complaining, but I didn't expect a response. And guess what? I got one! I almost missed it, since (of course) it went straight to my spam folder. The guy who wrote back apologized and said, "It sounds like it was defective, so we'll send a replacement." And they did! I got it yesterday, and now my laptop can keep on working for a few hours after I unplug it, just as God intended. So I recommend for all your discount electronics needs. Just make sure you check your spam folder.


floretbroccoli said...

I had a wonderful customer service experience, too, recently.

I have a Simplehuman garbage can for which I paid way too much money, and which I love way more than one should love a garbage can.

Recently the lid stopped jumping open the way it is supposed to when I tap it. I examined the underside and found that one of the springs attaches to a plastic tab and that tab had broken off.

In my saddened state, it took me several days to get to their website, to see if there was a phone number for customer service. I hadn't much hope.

On their website I found a form to fill out, saying what my problem was.

Imagine my delight when I got email back saying they'd be sending me a new lid, AT NO CHARGE! And that the tabs were now metal.

I've even gotten email from them with the UPS tracking number.

Isn't it wonderful when customer service, you know, serves the customer?

Mollie said...

That's great! I love my Simplehuman trash can too... even more now that I know I can get it fixed if it breaks!