Friday, August 1, 2008

Turtles can't take off their shells

People, I can't emphasize this enough.

I am obsessed with the so-called Montauk Monster. I must know what it is! Nutria? Otter? Somebody please do something to solve this mystery so the good people of Long Island, and everyone on the Eastern seaboard, can leave their homes without fear, and so people on the internet can stop suggesting it's "a turtle without its shell." Because NO.

I just had to mention this. But for your sake, I will not link to the photos I can't stop looking at. If you don't know what I'm talking about, for the love of pete do not Google it. You don't need the nightmares.

P.S. Especially sea turtles.

P.P.S. And they don't have teeth.

UPDATE: Follow-up posts here and here.

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Turtle said...


I have seen four pictures of this creature and NO, you're right it is NOT a Turtle. It is however my very strong opinion that it is a dog.

I'm not sure which photos you have seen but I'm sure you have seen the same ones I have. I've done a google search on Dog Skulls and looking at the area that looks to be what people are calling a BEAK seems and looks more like a canines nasal cavity.

If you type in Dog Skull in Google images you will see what I mean. The pictures aren't bad they are clean skulls as you would study and or find in a Vet's office.

I encourage you to look for yourself. Here is the link: Dog Skulls

I promise you I'm not screwing around with you or leading you on a Snipe Hunt. I truly and honestly believe it is a dog. I have had numerous dogs all my life, worked in a Vet's Office, and am big into Turtles. So I think I have a little knowledge when I try and help you.

Anyway I have to blogs myself if you care to check them out. The first one is:

The second and the one I have recently discovered and am putting more work into it, and it is becoming my main Blog is:

Anyway I hope this helps you or at least lessens your fears.